Always wait a few days before you bleach it again. Give your hair a little bit of rest and if you need to, then you can bleach it again or you can let it be. But, if your hair is a lighter blonde or if it’s like a lighter brunette color, you might need to keep it on. I’ve seen people have to keep it on for like 25-30 minutes, 20-45 minutes, you never know. So, I’d just watch your hair and just see how it turns up and whenever you get the color that you like, king of wipe a little bit of your hair and if you like that color and you think that’s ok, I can work with that, I’d say wash it out. And if not, obviously leave it a little bit longer. But, yeah! Another thing, after bleaching hair, to keep it a nice blond color is to use purple shampoo. That’s not just for people with white hair; also people with bleached or colored hair could also watch that video. My hair is not really white anymore it’s really just a light blonde. But I talk about how I did that, the toners that I used, how I take care of my hair and stuff like that. And I just get really into detail about that. But, yeah! I hope you guys enjoy this blog.